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I think my view of “Producer” is a little different to the standard. For me, it’s finding the right balance with the people whose creativity you’re dealing with. Music is a very personal expression and getting a room full of musicians to agree is very similar to trying to get politicians to agree on anything. At some point, someone has to take the ingredients and bring it together. I’ve got the ideas, creativity, and drive to achieve a great product, but if it doesn’t reflect my client, what’s the point? Some Producers take an iron fist approach and let their insecurities determine every creative decision they make. They seem to spend more time making all their clients sound the same than the individuals they are. The reality is that once the album is finished, it has to reflect the artist and they have to feel it is honest and something they will be driven to promote for the years to come. Mixing – My favorite part of all projects. I love taking the hard work and bringing it all together. I think the mix has suffered a little of late. We live in a technical age that has led some to believe that if you own a Mac computer, you’re a producer/engineer/and graphic designer. Sure you can mix a pretty good sound on a computer system, I’ve done my share, but it just doesn’t match up against a great console. Then you have the task of trying to explain to the client why their album doesn’t sound the same as their reference CD. Truth is, the reference CD spent more on mixing one song than my client spent on their entire album project. Give me an SSL any day with the outboard gear to match it, but a not everyone has those budgets. As long as the client understands “you get what you pay for”, I’m happy to mix anything, anywhere, anytime. Take time to look at our associate studios used for post production depending on your needs. ( Studios Link ) I’ve written and played on many other projects too. I guess when you’re passionate about music, you’re happy to just do what you can. Check out my Bio if you want to find out more specifics of what I’ve done and been involved in. It’s a funny industry that we’re involved in. And while a lot of the press about it has a negative slant, I think that there’s never been a better time to be in it. I think it’s all about being believable.